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Minimal Art History


Image of Minimal Art History

A5 format fanzine, Nettuno Bianco Artico paper 150 gr, 24 pages, digital print, signed edition of 30.

4kpx artworks: a gallery of lo-fi masterpieces

Most people think digital art reproductions are exact copies (the word digital has a halo of perfection in common sense). Actually each digital translation involves a loss of information from its analog origin. My aim is to determine how much information you can subtract to a digital image and still keep it recognizable and enjoyable. I decided to focus on famous artworks since the Renaissance.

I pick up a JPEG digital reproduction and then shrink, manipulate and essentialize it, ending with some manual retouching (computers aren’t that proficient in art).

The result is this Minimal Art History. It is made of tiny low-res images, which maintain some kind of aesthetic value and an obvious link to the original artworks. But can they be considered art reproductions in these days of technological struggle for high definition and maximum likelihood?

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